Cold appetizers

Great, appetizing appetizers for every taste!
In the Appetizers category we have included such delicacies that will make you lick your fingers! Vegetarian or with meat, spicy, breaded, exotic, dietetic, healthy.. - tastes really for everyone! These dishes are favorite to all of our customers, so we suggest you to try them yourself.

Take a look, decide what you want to eat and order quickly and easy. And we will deliver it to your home or office as soon as possible!


Cheese mousse with Philadelphia and sesame

Philadelphia and sesame cheese mousse served with crispy herbal bruschetta

8.00 lv.

130 g

Grilled green olives

4.00 lv.

100 g


served with crispy herbal bruschetta.

8.00 lv.

130 g


Could yogurt soup with fresh cucumbers, garlic, walnuts and dill.

5.80 lv.

400 g


Prosciutto crudo, Chorizo, salami Peperoni, three types of cheese, served with kalamata olives and crispy herbal bruschetta

16.80 lv.

160 g

Appetizers trio

tarama, hummus, cheese mousse with Philadelphia and sesame, served with crispy herbal bruschetta 

8.50 lv.

130 g

Smoked salmon

smoked salmon served with herbal bruschetta, grilled green olives, lemon and butter. 

16.80 lv.

160 g

Roe Spread

Fish Roe Salad, served with freshly baked Ciabatta, lemon and dill.

7.90 lv.

130 g