Muffin Bar part of Fratelli team

We invite you to Muffin Bar & Coffee and Pizza Italiana - two more great and favorite places in Varna! To our joy and pride, they are part of the Fratelli family!


Muffin Bar & Coffee Varna welcomed its first customers on April 7, 2016, next to Chataldja market. Located in a busy city, close to kindergartens, banks, company offices, shops, schools, bus stops, the Medical University - you can jump for a nice drink or something to eat while checking your tasks for the day.
The restaurant has 180 seats - 100 inside and 80 outside. Here we offer a wide variety of drinks - fresh, many of which are original and are not offered anywhere else (strawberry, raspberry, pineapple, kiwi, seasonal - watermelon, melon ...), shakes, smoothies, organic drinks with all natural products, cocktails, great hot drinks that can be prepared with coconut or almond milk at the customer's request, yogurts ... We tried to have something for every taste! At Muffin Bar & Coffee we also focus on desserts - sundae, waffles - which are favorite to our customers, homemade desserts. If you are very hungry, you can eat a burger, sandwich or ciabatta here.
At Muffin Bar & Coffee you can celebrate your birthday, get together with friends, watch a big sporting event and shout about your favorite athlete ... and just have fun - you will have all the conditions for that!

Payment: in cash, by debit and credit card
Phone for reservations: 0892 302 304
Working hours: 7:00am - 0:00pm
Address: 14b Chataldja Blvd.
Italian restaurant Pizza Italiana Varna opened its doors on May 29, 2019. It is located in Chaika neighborhood, in a quiet place. The restaurant has 50 seats inside and another 50 seats outside and is extremely cozy and pleasant!

The restaurant is suitable for family lunches and dinners with children, as it offers a beautiful green garden and a children’s play area with toys nearby.
And as for the food, here and only here in Varna you can enjoy a classic Italian pizza! Italian flour, light dough with yeast, classic Italian sauce, Italian products, love of Italian food - these are all ingredients of the extremely tasty and light Italian pizza in Pizza Italiana!
In the restaurant we also offer burgers with beef and chicken, fresh salads, home-made linguines according to classic Italian recipes, tempting desserts.
In Pizza Italiana you can organize a party, children's birthday, a meeting with friends. We are expecting you!

Payment: in cash, by debit and credit card
Phone for reservations: 052 783 188
Working hours: 8:00am - 23:00pm
Address: Chayka neighbourhood, bl. 27

You can learn everything current in Muffin Bar & Coffee and in Pizza Italiana from the facebook page of both restaurants.