Chrispy balls filled with risotto with tomatoes and mozzarella, served on a Philadelphia cheese mousse and sesame seeds.

10.90 lv.

200 g

Chorizo meatballs

Spicy pork meatballs, served with Greek bread, hummus, grilled tomatoes and hot pepper.

14.90 lv.

420 g

Guacamole with crispy herb bruschetta

8.90 lv.

130 g

Pizza Salmon

Creme, salmon, blue cheese, Kalamata olives, Genovese pesto, mozzarella.

14.50 lv.

550 g

Crunch Burger

Arabic bread with beef meat, bacon, double cheddar, iceberg, tomato, red onion, barbecue sauce, burger sauce, served with fries.

15.90 lv.

440 g

Pork ribs

Pork ribs served with french fries and barbecue sauce.

20.90 lv.

500 g