Garden Gourmet Veggie Burger

Vegetarian burger - sweet bread with mayonnaise, vegan meatball, cheddar, tomato, iceberg salad, crispy onion, eggplant mousse, served with french friest, milk corn and burger sauce.

9.99 lv.

400 g

Beef Burger

Sweet bread with snack of cream cheese and roasted papper, beef, iceberg salad, pickles, fried onion, cheddar, mustard and mayonnaise, served with french fries, milky corn and burger sause.

11.89 lv.

400 g

Chicken Burger

Sweet bread with a snack of cream cheese, blue cheese, mayonnaise, roasted sesame seed, chicken fillet, bacon, cheddar, iceberg salad, fresh tomato, potato rösti, served with french fries and burger sause.

10.99 lv.

400 g